On February 1, 2020, the annual championship ceremony of the Bavarian Sailing Association (BSV) took place in Ottobrunn near Munich for the award of the services of Bavarian sailors in 2019. For our 1st place at the International German Youth Championship U17 in Warnemünde (Baltic Sea) and 1st place at the Bavarian Youth Championship, we were awarded the badge of honor of the BSV in silver with a wreath. The report of the BSV on the event can be found here.

Five days later, on February 6th, the annual sports ceremony of the municipality of Prien am Chiemsee took place. As part of this very festive event, we were also honored for our successes in 2019 at the German Youth Championship, the Bavarian Youth Championship and our 6th place at the U17 World Championship in Portugal. For this we received the Silver Sports Medal from the Prien a market. Chiemsee presented.